small games

twines, bitsy, and unreal (in training)

Can You Survive This Horror Movie?

This twine game originally appeared in Autostraddle for the 2022 Horror Is So Gay series.

Feature image photo by Black Lollipop via Getty Images

a shower story

cw: menstruation, blood, body horror (no pictures or sound effects, all text)

two small routes, most likely will take ten minutes! thanks for checking it out

A Manifesto For Everything I Create

For Manifesto Jam 2021 (my first twine!) 

first twine! for MANIFESTO JAM

(part of) Something Somewhere Some of the Time (A live collaborative twine jam for Narrascope 2023)

I was a part of Narrascope 2023 Collaborative Twine hosted by Damon L. Wakes. My contribution is linked through the button and the entire Twine is here.

pandled hell

Music by Yung Ferry from Fugue

first time using bitsy!

cw: nonconsensual touch just to be careful

won't even take 5 min but im still v excited thanks for checking it out